Web Scrapers

An experiment in building working web scrapers through different channels of serverless web developlement.

Demo 1, Demo 2 | Github

A personal, aggregate news viewer with a focus on minimalism and simple design.

Demo | Github
Destiny 2 Data Exporter

A tool for Destiny 2 (PS4) players that can export current player stats in .JSON format.

Demo | Github
Destiny 2 Gambit Tracker

A tool for Destiny 2 (PS4) players that tracks a players current Gambit score for those going for the 'Reckoning' title.

Demo | Github
Pinterest Clone

A simple Pinterest clone made with Vue.js, Bootstrap, and Firebase's Serverless DB.

Demo | Github
Vue, Stripe Payments

A simple serverless application that tests abilities to make Stripe payments sans a proper backend.

Demo | Github
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